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Much has been said about how the on-premises version of Oracle ATG Commerce lacks a roadmap robust enough to reassure some of the largest retailers in the world that their investment (representing decades and many millions of dollars) is safe. Many have decided microservices is the way out. But microservices might not be suitable for everybody, especially some of the smaller omnichannel retailers. Also, the retailer might lack the automation and agile maturity necessary to get the most out of microservices. Like it or not, Oracle ATG Commerce is likely to underpin your digital business for years to come.

Litmus7 is the preeminent name in Oracle ATG services, with one of the largest practices in the US and India. Over 60% of our Oracle Commerce workforce has been in the ATG ecosystem for six years, and over 20% have logged more than 10 years in the industry. Our ATG practice is part of a broader eCommerce capability that covers all major platforms, spanning IBM WebSphere Commerce, Salesforce Commerce Cloud, and Magento. Our company is 100% retail, and we have served the world’s largest omnichannel retailers for over ten years

We have grown with Oracle ATG, and have developed deep insights into the platform’s potential and pitfalls. Our expertise covers a wide range of versions from 5.x to 11.x. Litmus7 has driven multiple upgrades at one of the largest general merchandise retailers in the world, and one of the biggest names in beauty retail. 

Microservices too is an area of focus. We recently helped the Canada division of a large global retailer migrate to a microservices architecture. The new architecture helped transition the business to a marketplace place, multiplying SKU volume 5X first, and then 50X. 

You will be hard-pressed to find a more tried and tested name in Oracle Commerce services. If it is an upgrade, an evaluation of microservices’ suitability, or a transformation to cloud-native architecture – we are likely to be your best bet.

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