Best Kept Secret Unveiled!

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LEAP, a premium product from Litmus7 has been awarded 'Best Kept Secret' by the prestigious Vendors In Partnership(VIP) Awards 2020, held in New York.
Instituted by the top thought leaders of Retail, LEAP was adjudged the winner taking into consideration its hidden potential and hugely promising benefits.

LEAP - eCommerce as a TECH

For the first time ever, an Equity-based Technology Partnership that takes away the yearly tech OPEX and CAPEX burden from retailers.

A grow together technology venture capitalist partnership model that enables access to technology at no cost for aspiring and emerging retailers.

About LEAP

Litmus7 Ecommerce Acceleration Program (LEAP) is a symbiotic platform where Litmus7 arms online businesses with the right level of technology to accelerate digital revenues and fast-track retailers’ businesses to the next level. LEAP leverages Litmus7's retail technological expertise and managed service experience to bring out end-to-end commerce CIO service. Manufacturers, brands and ambitious retailers are enabled to organically grow their brands by acquiring, engaging and retaining consumers for boosting up their business revenue while LEAP's innovation layer equips retailers with futuristic innovations, powering its inorganic growth.

Engagement models retailers can choose from

eCommerce as a Service eCommerce for Equity

We've solutions for


eCommerce platform built on best practices with deep understanding for fashion, design and lifestyle businesses


Digital platform to encourage beauty enthusiasts to get involved at every layer of customer journey including discovery, purchase, and loyalty


Technology solution for independent grocers to provide online grocery shopping and fulfilment, with tools to bring the in-store experiences into the digital age


Human Dynamics centric consumer experience design

Helping our consumers’ digital-self take decisions for themselves. A new age consumer experience design

3D Intelligent consumer engagement

Helping retailers build 3 dimensional intelligence around their consumers to deliver better consumer connect, thereby motivating our consumers to promote products and brands.

Customer Segmentation & Marketing Automation

Data-driven customer segmentation with powerful algorithms to target customers with the right content and recapture lost sales

Build user engagement through a consistently appealing narrative across Landing Pages, Push Notifications, SMS, Web Overlays, and Emails.

Membership Programs and Subscriptions

Robust membership program with monthly or annual subscription fee and gift subscriptions with a brand-right, pleasing customer experience

Manage subscription through a single, integrated user account to make changes to products or shipping address

In-Store Pick-Up and Home Delivery

Store-based inventory and delivery slot-based order fulfillment for fast and efficient delivery

Automatic population of favorites, wishlist and shopping list based on purchase frequency and recency for quick re-ordering

Personalized Experiential Gifting

Highly experiential giting to drive deep engagement and significantly reduce returns

P2P gift link sharing via SMS, email, and Facebook to pay after the recipient has accepted

Drag and Drop Layout Manager

Library system to store design blocks for rich experiential designs and user journeys.

Drag and drop layout management to re-design home pages and marketing landing pages

AI-enabled Facial Recognition & Digital Wallet

Accept virtually all types of payments that are connected to a customers digital wallet

AI-enabled Facial Recognition to authenticate login and process payments at Checkout.

Case Study

Adamo and Evah

Crafted an agile digital platform and marketing strategy for Adamo & Evah to demonstrate their global fashion credentials and leadership. Keyfashionista features were established to hone the digital strategy of the brand. With LEAP’s Automated Visual Merchandising and Voice Chatbots,Adamo & Evah increased their brand awareness from less than 1% in 2015 to 11% in 2018


ORS Haircare

Carved out a strong online presence and ecommerce platform for ORS to match its high-performing products. The three distinct product lines of ORS are tabbed at the top of the site with a tailored content strategy. ORS increased their ecommerce sales by 400% and experienced a six-fold jump in site registrations, after onboarding LEAP


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