order return cartridge

Salesforce Commerce Cloud Order Returns Cartridge

Order returns are an important aspect of the retail business. A customer-friendly return and refund policy is found to increase sales without actually boosting the volume of returns. A thorough understanding of this crucial need of businesses has enabled Litmus7 to come up with an order returns solution for Salesforce Commerce Cloud based online stores, that streamlines the return process for online orders. The Litmus7 Order Returns Cartridge makes life easier for both customers and customer service agents.

Integration Overview

The Litmus7 Order Returns Cartridge for Salesforce Commerce Cloud (SFCC) enables SFCC merchants to allow customers to initiate order returns from the storefront. The cartridge takes care of the processes associated with order returns such as label printing, notifications and refunds. It features a Braintree integration to handle refunds which is easily customizable to accommodate a different payment provider. The cartridge comes bundled with a SFCC business manager extension cartridge which provides Customer Service Representatives with reporting features and necessary functionalities associated with returning an order. Fully built and customized by leveraging native Salesforce Commerce Cloud functionality, the cartridge can be further enhanced to fit specific business needs upon request.

The cartridge is compatible with the latest versions of Site Genesis and SFRA.

Feature List
The following are the customer facing features that will be exposed via the storefront.
  • Ability to initiate returns both at an order and line-item level from a user’s order history in the storefront.
  • Return window option at the product level and site level to set return duration for each product and storefront respectively.
  • Ability to add comments and select from a list of configurable return reasons for each return order.
  • Endpoint to print return labels after a return has been initiated.
The following are the Customer Service Agent-facing features that will be exposed via the Business Manager.
  • Endpoint for the refund of returned order amount through a payment provider of your choice - currently comes integrated with Braintree
  • Customer notification via emails for each status change related to a return.
  • Merchant Reporting Dashboard, made available by extending the Business Manager, provides reporting, search functionality and the ability for customer service representatives to initiate returns on behalf of a customer.