Litmus7’s Microservices Accelerator Helps Transform Businesses

Microservices and MSA

For businesses to recognize agility is very critical. Technology is fast changing, so application infrastructure must be optimized and micro innovations are a way to the future. Adopting Microservices as the most preferred architectural choice facilitates to develop large applications as a set of services, each running its own process and communicating with lightweight protocols, often HTTP resources API.

LiMSA (Litmus7 Microservices Accelerator) is an accelerator and a reference platform developed by Litmus7 for projects based on Microservices. This platform enables any Microservice project to be up and running within a short time. It also uses the best-of-breed technologies for all its foundational components.

Highlights of LiMSA
Cloud Agnostic platform
  • The MSA platform does not have any cloud vendor lock. Therefore, the platform will work with any of the leading cloud services like AWS, Azure or GCP.
  • Enables Time-to-Market development
  • Quick starter reference implementation available for development team
  • Integrated business-driven test
  • Integrated load test
  • De-coupled foundational components
  • Business Service development team is safeguarded from any foundational component changes by having a side-car proxy pattern
  • Quick-start development reference
  • Microservice reference implementation available for development team
  • Extensive documentation available including in-line code documentation
  • Best-in-class, open-source-based technology stack
  • Extensive research done for selecting the right technology stack
  • Different flavours of technologies for small, medium and large clients
  • Ease of integration
  • Ease of integration
  • Integrates seamlessly with the platform components
  • A snapshot of our customers

    • Businesses that are looking forward to gain immense agility and extremely high-performance digital commerce applications using Microservices.
    • Businesses that have already planned for Monolith-to-Microservices transformation and that are not sure on the 'how' part of their journey.
    • Businesses that are trying to save time on the development and maintenance of Microservices projects.
    • IT owners who are looking for best-of-breed solutions for their Microservices-based applications.

    Problems that MSA addresses

    • Microservices come with increased complexity along with increased scalability and agility. There are multiple ways to solve a given problem in the Microservices world, which typically leaves the client clueless as to what is the right way.
    • Increased number of services have resulted in increased integration testing challenges.
    • With more services, there is a need to ensure the common infra components are available for each service and need to maintain multiple versions of it.
    • Many organizations are still not sure how effectively they can build a cloud-native/cloud-ready application and manage it in the cloud.

    Benefits of deploying MSA

    • The extensive research and evaluation done for developing the Microservices platform saves development effort of 3 to 4 months.
    • The platform supports automation of various types of testing like QA Testing, Integration Testing and Load Testing, thereby reducing the QA effort required by around 50%.
    • Fully automated and configurable CI/CD pipeline helps businesses to reduce the time taken from development to production deployment by 60%.
    • Development team need not worry about creating and maintaining infra/platform components; it will be handled by the infra team.
    • Since our solutions are cloud-native/cloud-ready, it is very easy to deploy and scale the services.
    • The reference services help the development team to head start and provide clear direction, which saves 20 to 30% of the time during initial development sprint.

    Some Microservices Success Stories

    Microservice Transformation of Profile Service
    Payment as a Service
    Promotions Service