Bringing the in-store experience online!

The ecommerce digital space is booming with 23% additional new digital consumers migrating to this channel. The situation is further accelerated by the pandemic and the new norm will see roughly about 23 to 28% of total sales in the future happening over the digital channel. Hence, strategizing and integrating retailers’ digital channel objectives to supplement their overall business objectives are highly critical. Unlike in the past, having just a dot com site shouldn’t be the strategy; it should revolve around achieving ubiquitous commerce, unified product visibility across channels, new ways to acquire consumers and most importantly, retaining consumers in this highly disloyal digital space.

What makes this a must-have solution?

Virtualeye is built after in-depth research and provides all the essential features required for your business. All the regular consultation processes like appointment scheduling, calendar, a reminder on an appointment, plus more special features are integrated in this solution. For instance, you can even ask your consultant what product is suitable for your use, which can then be demoed and purchased right then. Moreover, you can even customize this solution according to your requirement if you need to add some additional use-cases. By using the video consultancy solution, you can run your business more efficiently and engagingly.

Solution Benefits of Virtualeye

  • Appointment scheduling and calendars
  • Video calls enabled from desktop, mobiles and tablets
  • Simple and easy integration process
  • Real-time content sharing
  • Analytics & Insights
  • Secure and scalable Infrastructure
  • Custom-branded solution

Virtualeye Highlights

Business consultants with roles and permissions - Manager and Agent

  • Manages the profile for consultants
  • Login to Video Consultation application
  • View consultation schedules for the logged-in agents as well as the schedule of all agents for the admin
  • Facility to mark consultations as no-show, completed or canceled
  • Option to preview the consultation details with customer-submitted forms
  • Choice to start a consultation by initiating a video conference
  • Ability to push video and image to the customer for whom the consultation is provided
  • Custom chat with product share, video and image share, link preview and text content
  • Ability to prepare basket on behalf of a customer and share basket with the customer for order placement
  • Equipped to capture summary comments once a consultation is completed
  • Maintains media gallery with images and YouTube videos, which can be easily shared with the customer
  • Feedback form builder and response management
  • Ability to share the feedback form URL with the customer
  • Ability to share the transcript of messages shared with the customer during the consultation session

System Features

Ability to import consultation schedules from the scheduling application

Ability to capture all updates performed on a scheduled consultation

Ability to view history of updates performed on a scheduled consultation


Virtualeye Customer Experience

  • Landing Page displayed on accessing the consultation URL
  • Customer can see the information about the Agent
  • Join consultation by triggering a "Start Consulting" button
  • Display message notifications indicator as messages are shared by consultation agent in the notification area
  • Show preview of links shared as messages where possible
  • Ability to navigate to the links shared in messages
  • Ability to watch video/image pushed by an agent
  • Ability to view the product basket shared by agent advisor/assistant
  • Ability to add products to cart which is shared by agent helper
  • Provision for customer to rate and comment on a consultation once it is completed

Futuristic Features

  • Ability to share the video recording of the consultation to the customer
  • Deliver the consulting experience via Video Consulting utility mobile app
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