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Magento Services

Over the years, Litmus7’s Magento services have been carefully crafted with the virtue of patience and excellence allowing us to play a significant role in the grand scheme of commerce today


Delivering excellence in Magento for over 10 years

As a Magento partner, Litmus7 continues to demonstrate superior skills and experience, while implementing end-to-end eCommerce solutions through Magento Commerce. Litmus7 has served numerous fashion and beauty brands to get the most out of their investment using Magento. The combination of our full range of services and unparalleled customer support helps us bring life to our clients’ unique vision of commerce.


Our Magento eCommerce Development Services

Magento Site Design and Development

We come up with the best solutions after analysing your requirements and the business ecosystem to design a state-of-the-art Magento Commerce website that bears top-notch features and tailored functionalities to meet your business expectations. Our architects are proficient with headless Magento platforms using GraphQL APIs and front end technologies such as React JS. Our developers render multi-vendor, multi-currency, multi-lingual and multi-country websites with 3rd party integrations such as ERP and OMS.

Magento Version Upgrade and Migration Service

We provide end-to-end assistance in upgrading the existing version of your ecommerce store to the latest version; migrating from Magento 1.x website to Magento 2.x or migrating from Magento Open Source to Enterprise/Commerce Edition. Performing code refactoring and re-coding all custom modules to be compliant with Magento 2, we relieve you from all the pains of migration, while ensuring the safety and integrity of your data. Our developers are adept at handling all challenges related to migration from your existing platform to Magento and optimize the website for better performance, security and user experience.

Magento Maintenance and Dev Ops Support

With regular health checks & site audit, we proactively keep your Magento websites updated, stable, secure and always available through our site support plans. Our Support services are carefully designed to proactively meet critical requirements of Magento websites: Proactive Magento Security & Patch Updates, Magento Performance Monitoring & Tuning, 24/7 Site Uptime Monitoring, and Site Backup & Disaster Recovery. Our Support services come with 24/7 global on call support.

Holiday Readiness and Magento Performance Optimization

With our vast experience in partnering with the top retailers across the world, we know the challenges retailers face and the opportunity the holiday season brings to them to improve their financial performance every year.  We offer comprehensive holiday readiness performance testing, monitoring and diagnostics solutions for our customers. Predicting your online traffic, our professionals prepare your site with the right workload models, and deploy the right monitoring tools, so that you drive sales without any compromises on performance.

Why choose Litmus7 ?

As a reputed Magento eCommerce development company, mustered in for developing robust eCommerce websites leveraging our expertise we bring about some of the best Magento experiences

Scalable Solutions

Our developers have crafted feature-packed and scalable Magento e-commerce websites for many large-scale retailers. Adhering to the W3C coding practices and minimizing infrastructure complexity, we offer excellent features to manage and control varied aspects of your site, ingeniously adapting your website as per growing business needs.

High Speed and Experience

We understand how vital webpage loading speed is for both better user experience and higher search engine ranking. To reduce the average page load time, our developers implement various caching mechanisms (CDN, Varnish, Redis, Layer0) and static file and image optimization. For a better shopping experience, we use Elastic Search or Algolia for faster and customized , multi-faceted searches.With high quality and optimized code, we strike the right balance between speed and experience, while bringing a contemporary look to the website.



Secure Websites

We design robust security architecture and safety measures to ensure that your website is highly secure and protected. With Magento patch updates, DDoS Protection, WAF, Penetration Testing, and Encryption, our developers leave no stone unturned to make sure that your website is protected from all kinds of hacking and malware attacks.

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