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Data, AI and Automation

Own your data and create meaningful customer experiences

Litmus7’s Data Engineering, AI and Automation services enable you to get rich insights from the data you own and helps you to effectively monetize it to your advantage. We help you realize the immense potential that your data possesses to enhance customer experience, improve operations and make way for long-term growth. This, with our carefully tailored solutions, is sure to aid your revenue goals and set you apart from your competition.

Powering Retail through effective intelligence for making informed decisions that will help you to craft/design meaningful customer experiences


Business Intelligence and Analytics | Machine Learning and Predictive Analytics |Forecasting | Recommendation Engine | Segmentation and MBA | Optimization and Reinforcement Learning | Deep Learning | Computer Vision | NLP | NLG | Generative AI | MLOps | Model Governance

Data Engineering

Data modeling, Datawarehouse, Data marts | Data Lake, Lakehouse | ETL, Data Ingestion and Data Pipeline | Data Transformations | Data on Cloud | Data Governance


Robotic Process Automation | Process Mining| Excel Automation | Powershell automation | Document Intake and Processing | Workflow orchestration



Let us help you understand your business strategies and help define or re-align the Data , Analytics and Automation roadmap for you to best harness the intelligent automation fabric



Define technical landscape and architecture for clients technology roadmap for effectively implementing Data, AI and Automation, Platform modernization / digital transformation initiatives



Roll up the sleeves and gets hands-on with build , test and deploy code base in chosen technology following best practices defined in the space of Data Engineering , Data on cloud , AI and Automation 



Be a partner in the technology adoption journeys for our clients by providing quick POCs , demos and building our POVs in the latest technology stack in an ever changing technology landscape in Data, AI and automation 

Retail Solutions

Our pathbreaking retail solutions will help you every step of the way. You will outperform all your competitors through our tailor-made solutions that take into consideration the current market challenges and are based on inputs from our very own research and analysis on the future of retail.

Virtual Eye

Virtual Eye is a video consultation platform that enables retail companies to connect with customers remotely via video based solution. 


Data Lineage engine that can visualize and understand all data transformations occurring in the data warehouse.

NoDI : No-code Data Ingestion

A Metadata Driven Data Ingestion Framework that streamlines the entire data movement and simplifies the data ingestion process.


The key driver of innovation and competitiveness – ‘Data‘ is the new oil and the backbone for sustainable growth.

Advanced Clienteling

Litmus7’s advanced clienteling solution is an innovative offering from our C-Commerce suite of products. It helps retailers by enabling explicit and implicit …

Store Visualizer

Store owners everywhere rely on good store performance for delivering a better customer experience.