Augmented reality

Augmented reality (AR) allows online shoppers to visualize how products they are considering would look on them, or in their home environment. AR, when done right, has the effect of increasing conversion, reducing returns, and improving customer experience. In beauty, fashion, furniture and a number of other sectors, AR are rapidly becoming an expectation.

For a top beauty retailer, Litmus7 was part of a mobile app-based AR engagement. The app allows the digital overlay of makeup, enabling users to visualize how exactly they would look with a particular product. The AR feature improved customer stickiness and took the average duration to 70 seconds. AR, alongside a host of other features such as social profiles integrated with eCommerce and the ability to redeem loyalty points, made the app one of the best in the industry.

 Litmus7 recently built a similar solution for a leading haircare brand in the US. The AR capability allowed the user to change the hair color digitally. In summary, AR can positively impact metrics you are about.

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