Salesforce commerce subscriptions cartridge

Litmus7 Subscriptions Cartridge

The revenue generating potential of subscription orders is useful for both merchants and customers alike. Shoppers can secure a better deal if they are given the ability to set up subscription orders and manage them on their terms. Subscriptions cartridge is an ideal option for recurring purchases like grocery, cosmetics and household purchases. For retailers, having a subscription program enables better customer retention and opens up more engagement opportunities. A thorough understanding of this crucial need of businesses has enabled Litmus7 to come up with the subscriptions cartridge that makes life easier for both customers and customer services agents.

Integration Overview

The Litmus7 Subscriptions Cartridge for Salesforce Commerce Cloud (SFCC) enables SFCC merchants to allow customers to create and manage subscription orders from the storefront.  

The cartridge takes care of subscription creation, management and cancellation functionality. Subscription management features include skip, pause, address and payment changes. The cartridge also provides a business manager extension to assist Customer Service Representatives with necessary functionality associated with listing, modifying and cancelling a subscription. The business manager extension also has reporting capability with standard reports such as listing of subscriptions and orders with filtering options.

The cartridge is fully built with native Salesforce Commerce Cloud functionality and can be further enhanced to fit specific business needs upon request.

The cartridge is compatible with the latest versions of Site Genesis and SFRA.

Integration Features

  • . Ability to enable users to create subscriptions/recurring orders.

  • . Subscription enablement and interval setting at product level.

  • . Subscription management functionality that includes cancellation, skip and pause.

  • . Business Manager based Reporting module enables users to generate reports on subscriptions and associated orders.

  • . Email notifications for upcoming subscription, out of stock products and credit card renewal.

  • . Automated subscriptions Retry option for out of stock products.