Customer Data Platform

Personalization has been the number one priority for omnichannel retailers for some time. Personalization – the ability to present the right shopper with the right content and the right product at the right moment in the customer journey – has the effect of increasing conversion, average order value, and customer lifetime value. Achieving meaningful personalization is however a tall order. It requires a comprehensive database that brings together the shopper’s clickstream, the transaction history, sales data from channels, record of customer service interactions, social media data, profile information, demographics, third-party data that extracts socio-economic data based on address, and of course – identity data that ties it all together. Customer data platforms are the B2C and eCommerce analogs of CRM, designed to make a hyper-personalized experience possible.

 Recently for a well-known independent beauty brand, we implemented a customer data platform. The company is known for its fanatical, personalized approach to customer service. The brand has a strong culture of a one-to-one relationship with its customers. The founder and CEO speak to customers often. As the brand grew, the challenge became one of scaling that one-to-one philosophy of customer experience. Litmus7 brought together clickstream data from the digital asset, email interaction history, reviews and ratings, sales from, sales third-party channel partners (some of the largest beauty retailers) to present a comprehensive view of the customer. Litmus7 is the sole software engineering partner for this beauty brand. We have been part of its journey since its early, startup days, and it’s a well-known brand with a cult following and celebrity patrons.

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