High-end engineering

Holiday Readiness

If you have had a somewhat rough holiday season, now might be a good time to take stock of what went right and what went wrong at the end of 2019 and plan for the year ahead. Litmus7 can help.

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Mobile App XP

In circa 2020 if your mobile game isn’t top-notch you are hemorrhaging money. Sure, the mobile conversion is low, and cart abandonment is high. But the sheer time spent on the smartphone (Americans on average check their phones every 12 minutes) ensures mobile commerce accounts for about 40% of all eCommerce.

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Oracle ATG Commerce

Litmus7 is the preeminent name in Oracle ATG services, with one of the largest practices in the US and India.

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Platform Transformation

Whatever eCommerce platform transformation issue you might have, be it a microservices transformation, or upgrading a version about to be EOLed, or expanding into a marketplace model - we have likely seen it before. We know the likely pitfalls.

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