Digital Commerce

The digital store

The store is where the action is. Self-checkout, in-store analytics, electronic shelf labels, micro-fulfillment, in-store robotics, omnichannel personalization, digital displays, connected dressing rooms, wayfinding - there is a lot more innovation in the contemporary brick and mortar store than in eCommerce.

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Retailers desire a higher degree of control over the platforms that increasingly account for 10-15% of their revenues. They desire greater, and more efficient scalability.

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Augmented reality

Augmented reality (AR) allows online shoppers to visualize how products they are considering would look on them, or in their home environment. AR, when done right, has the effect of increasing conversion, reducing returns, and improving customer experience. In beauty, fashion, furniture and a number of other sectors, AR are rapidly becoming an expectation.

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Customer Data Platform

Personalization has been the number one priority for omnichannel retailers for some time. Personalization - the ability to present the right shopper with the right content and the right product at the right moment in the customer journey - has the effect of increasing conversion, average order value, and customer lifetime value.

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