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In circa 2020 if your mobile game isn’t top-notch you are hemorrhaging money. Sure, the mobile conversion is low, and cart abandonment is high. But the sheer time spent on the smartphone (Americans on average check their phones every 12 minutes) ensures mobile commerce accounts for about 40% of all eCommerce. Also, the platform plays a crucial role in the early stages of the purchase journey. In addition, mobile’s role in brick and mortar commerce cannot be overstated. The percentage of shoppers who check prices and look up products while in the aisle is in the region of 35%. Mobile is, therefore, a digital asset of utmost importance for every omnichannel touchpoint. 

However, an app is not an option for many, if not most retailers. App fatigue is real. Storage capacity and the shopper’s bandwidth are both finite resources. Mobile web would, therefore, have to be the development platform of choice while adhering to UX expectations that have developed over the hundreds of hours spent on the most popular mobile apps. This is a tall order. Delivering high quality, responsive experience over the mobile web requires knowledge of the progressive web applications (PWA) approach and in-depth understanding of the user journey. 

Whatever brings revolutionary change to retail in the 2020s is likely to happen over the mobile platform, from self-checkout to 5G. Nothing brings together architecture, software engineering, design, and in-depth knowledge of usage patterns and technology ecosystems than mobility.

Litmus7 has been a part of a whole gamut of mobile commerce projects: AR-based digital overlay of makeup for a one of the top three beauty retailers, the “scan and go” form of smart checkout for a large grocer, integrating loyalty and social features with a mobile commerce app, a geofencing-based event notification service that drew footfalls to the store and led to incremental revenues of US$150 million, a cart price computation service for one of the top three luxury conglomerates in the US, and more. If you wish to take your mobile assets to the next level and are exploring how mobile could take your store to the next level, speak to us.

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