We have been part of microservices implementations at some of the largest retailers in the US. Litmus7 led the transformation to microservices for the Canada division of a global top five grocer, an Oracle ATG Commerce shop. The retailer was expanding into a marketplace model that would expand SKU count first by 5X and then by 50X. The scalability challenge wouldn’t be met by the existing monolithic platform, and warranted a microservices-based architecture. We are involved in similar efforts at other enterprises, notably a large speciality retailer in beauty.

Retailers desire a higher degree of control over the platforms that increasingly account for 10-15% of their revenues. They desire greater, and more efficient scalability. And, they aspire to be more agile, and have more independent control over individual parts of an eCommerce solution, release features faster, and an increased ability to take risks. Therefore, many if not most retailers above a certain size are at least considering microservices, and more broadly – cloud native architectures.

We can certainly be a partner in your microservices journey. Litmus7 can build a plan a roadmap and a target architecture, and own the transformation end to end. But before we do, we should also discuss whether microservices is right for you, and if you are ready for microservices. Below a certain scale and complexity of operations microservices is overkill. And below a threshold of automation and agile maturity, you are simply not ready for microservices.

Do read the following summary of our thinking on microservices best practices and do speak to us.

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Microservices at one of the largest global general merchandise retailer

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Litmus7’s consultative and customized approach to microservices has enabled multiple leading retailers

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