Litmus7’s next-generation BOPIS solution

A ready-made, customizable solution, BOPISPLUS powers the most efficient and cost-effective customer order fulfilment process. Our platform-agnostic engine can be plugged into any retail environment, enabling an enhanced click and collect capability to fulfil a much needed gap in omnichannel fulfillment. Litmus7’s easily deployable next-generation BOPISPLUS helps create a seamless shopping journey in the shortest possible time. It will enhance the shopping experience and transform your brand.

Litmus7’s BOPISPLUS is different!

BOPISPLUS facilitates the entire range of processes available in BOPIS and delivers lot more functionality than any other click and collect solution. The full-fledged BOPISPLUS solution is flexible, allowing you to implement the entire range of omnichannel order fulfillment options.


Fulfillment options

 Buy Online Pickup from Store
Buy Online
Pickup from Store
Curbside Pickup
Curbside Pickup
Delivery to my Vehicle
Delivery to my Vehicle
Pickup from Locker
Pickup from Locker
Buy Online, Ship from Store
Buy Online
Ship from Store
Buy Online, Return in Store
Buy Online
Return in Store


  • User interface
  • Ready-made, customizable store level app that will enable any ecommerce site to implement the entire range of customer order fulfillment options.

  • Inventory visibility
  • Real time store-level inventory visibility.

  • BOPIS picking module
  • Store picking, AI enabled substitution, up-sell and cross-sell, pick-up, locker-assignment and delivery conversion.

  • Curb-watch
  • Live visibility of customer arrival through location-sharing by the customer, and arrival-based customer turn optimization.

    Key differentiators that retailers can leverage using BOPISPLUS


    Ready to plug-in, ‘standalone’ solution, technology or platform-agnostic and environment-agnostic.

    Extensive capabilities

    Online visibility of store-level inventory, picking-facilitation, special features like substitution of order, delivery-mode conversion, up sell and cross sell. Plus, new set of features like, add items to BOPIS order while at store, last-mile delivery including locker assignment, curbside visibility, and BORIS.


    Competitive pricing models that allow retailers to adopt one of the most cost-effective ways of deploying multiple customer order fulfillment options.

    Fast and easy

    The fastest time to go live, from inception to implementation.

    Modular and scalable

    Retailers can pick and pay for specific choice of capabilities.


    A BOPIS solution that’s so futuristic, it is called BOPISPLUS.

    Are you ready to transform your business?

    As convenience, safety and ease of shopping have become imperative to customer satisfaction, an end to end customer order fulfillment model is mandatory for every retailer. The time is now! Invest in an advanced solution like BOPISPLUS and be fully equipped to cater to this fast growing customer need.

    For more details on BOPISPLUS, call us for a demo.

    A BOPIS solution that’s so futuristic, it is called BOPISPLUS.