Price Cart Check

Stores all over America are losing revenues. Fortunately, it’s over something that can be addressed with the right tech. In fashion, affordable luxury, apparel, and… Read More

Holiday Readiness

If you have had a somewhat rough holiday season, now might be a good time to take stock of what went right and what went wrong at the end of 2019 and plan for the year ahead. Litmus7 can help. Read More

Mobile App XP

In circa 2020 if your mobile game isn’t top-notch you are hemorrhaging money. Sure, the mobile conversion is low, and cart abandonment is high. But the sheer time spent on the smartphone (Americans on average check their phones every 12 minutes) ensures mobile commerce accounts for about 40% of all eCommerce. Read More

Oracle ATG Commerce

Litmus7 is the preeminent name in Oracle ATG services, with one of the largest practices in the US and India. Read More


Retailers desire a higher degree of control over the platforms that increasingly account for 10-15% of their revenues. They desire greater, and more efficient scalability. Read More

Augmented reality

Augmented reality (AR) allows online shoppers to visualize how products they are considering would look on them, or in their home environment. AR, when done right, has the effect of increasing conversion, reducing returns, and improving customer experience. In beauty, fashion, furniture and a number of other sectors, AR are rapidly becoming an expectation. Read More

Robotics in Retail

Robotics in retail  Retail, an exacting industry with low margins and boundless competition, is the graveyard of irrational exuberance. Note the recently deceased Amazon Dash… Read More

The Future of Grocery eCommerce

Grocers against Amazon – arming David with the sling  What the grocery business is witnessing in circa 2019 is a transition from commodity to cult. Read More

Retail Predictions 2019

9 predictions for 2019: retail over the next 12 months It’s that time of the year again. Seemingly reasonable people lose their bearings, overwhelmed by… Read More

The Future of Retail: Towards Retail Singularity

Over a six-year time frame, from here to 2025, retail will increasingly become invisible, omnipresent, and deeply personalized. The industry will become something we would… Read More