Fashion eCommerce Roadmap

Are you preparing an e-commerce fashion roadmap for 2020?

The fashion e-commerce roadmap

Key features sneak peek

Shop on Instagram – Featured products on Instagram can be shopped with one click on the retailer’s website. The retailer has a dedicated page featuring this collection.

Hyper-personalization – The sartorial taste of the consumers (based on the account /profile information, responses to surveys/quizzes, shopping preferences registered through reviews/feedback) is combined with the purchase and site browsing history to recommend specific products.

Shopping assistant – A chatbot or a real agent that interacts and learns about individual user preferences, and assists them with the purchase.

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What’s inside the report ?

Through the Litmus7 fashion e-commerce product roadmap, get access to a trove of key features that a fashion website should look to offer by 2020. These features are segmented into three categories:

Must-have features

The ‘must-have’ category constitutes the bare minimum feature-set expected on an e-commerce fashion site in circa 2020. The list is an amalgamation of convenience features (multiple delivery and payment options), feature specific to customer demographics (student discounts), personalization features (personalized search, personalized gift cards), and decision-aiding features (extensive size guides, product reviews with sorting options).

Cutting-edge features

Cutting-edge features are those that – coupled with the ‘must-have’ feature-set – can accord a competitive advantage to fashion brands in 2020. The goal is to have enough hooks to keep customers on the site and increase repeat visits whilst creating differentiation. Amazon’s Personal Shopper styling service is one such example.

Exploratory features

The exploratory feature-set can enhance a brand’s connection with the customer in more ways than one. Features such as parallax scrolling, lookbook, and use of dioramas boost the visual connect, CSR options such as make a wish and donate to charity build a brand’s character and credibility, features like bloggers’ pick and community product tagging develops a sense of association.

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