Beauty Product Roadmap

Are you preparing a product roadmap for 2020?

Key features sneak peek

Beauty tips and tricks: curated, brand- and influencer-generated content around best beauty practices.

Beauty box: subscription-based boxes providing recurring delivery of beauty products every month.

Gifting: delivering the purchased item(s) as a gift to the recipient.

Digital Commerce

What’s inside the report ?

Through the Litmus7 beauty product roadmap, get access to a trove of key features that a beauty website should look to offer by 2020. These features are segmented into three categories:

Must-have features

Constitutes the basic minimal feature set that a beauty brand, in order to stay in contention, should be offering through its website by 2020.

Cutting-edge features

This feature set when offered along with must-have features, can accord a competitive advantage to beauty brands in 2020.

Exploratory features

Adding these features to your website can be game-changing with a significant impact on revenue. However, given the novelty factor, conducting a feasibility study is recommended.

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