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The general merchandise industry has been quickly morphing into a “heavily online” segment with e-commerce sales accounting for somewhere between a quarter and a third of all general merchandise sales. This is alarming because the figure for all retail is close to 12%. This Retail Hive report measures the digital performance of leading general merchandise retailers operating in the US market. The retailers covered in this report are Amazon, Costco, Dollar General, eBay, Kohl’s, Overstock, Sears, Target,, and Walmart.

Digital Commerce

What’s inside the report ?

This report is meant to inform and influence go-to-market considerations, self-evaluation, competitor analysis, and product roadmaps. The report answers two questions – how likely are you to hear from, visit, and shop at the digital destination of the retailer in question, and if you do – how likely are you to have a good experience.

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