Omnichannel transactions are growing, and it is well known by now that the omnichannel customer is a good customer, with higher average spending. However, enabling omnichannel transactions is far from easy. It opens up a whole host of organizational and technical issues, in terms of integrations and different parts of the organization working in harmony. 

Litmus7 has developed a comprehensive BOPIS solution that greatly simplifies the process. The solution manages all BOPIS modes such as in-store pickup, curbside pickup, locker, deliver to vehicle, pickup slot management, earmarking inventory for pickup, customer notifications, integration with enterprise systems such as OMS, product substitution in case of unavailability, the store associate workflow (including most efficient pickup path, store associate allocation), and administration (reports, order search). 

It is simply the easiest and quickest route to implement an industry-standard BOPIS workflow.

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