Azadea Omnichannel Commerce.

the #1 lifestyle retail brand in the Middle East – Azadea, transforms its omnichannel 
commerce for a seamless shopping experience

the #1 lifestyle retail brand in the Middle East – , transforms its omnichannel commerce for a seamless shopping experience

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AZADEA Group is a leading lifestyle retail company that owns and operates more than 40+ leading international franchise concepts across the Middle East and Africa. Its portfolio of brands features some of the biggest and trendiest names in the business. The company oversees 700+ stores spread across 13 countries, including Algeria, Bahrain, Cyprus, Egypt, Ghana, Jordan, Kenya, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Lebanon, Oman, Qatar, and United Arab Emirates.

Since its inception in 1978 with one single clothing store, the Group developed a substantial network of retail stores representing leading international brand names in fashion and accessories, food and beverage, home furnishings, sporting goods, multimedia, and beauty & cosmetics. A ‘customer first’ culture which they followed right from the onset of their venture laid the foundation to a successful journey crossing a milestone of over 700+ stores in more than a dozen countries today. This phenomenal growth demanded a seamless digital experience for the convenience and superior usage needs of their increasing clientele. Azadea’s existing platform could not easily handle the monumental usage of online commerce which required a robust omnichannel platform to ably enable and empower their shoppers.

Azadea realized that the only solution to ensure a seamless digital experience for its customers was to upscale its platform. The transformation to an omnichannel platform had to be done wherever they were present; in multiple countries involving multiple brands. It was going to be their first ever omnichannel implementation under the brand and they wanted to make for a seamless customer experience given their rich heritage. It was very important to keep up its reputation as a user-friendly store that delivers the finest of experience to customers. So, they decided to go with a platform that suited their needs and a partner who could fulfill all their requirements.

“Litmus7 has been the catalyst in our e-commerce growth. Their support has not just been service, it’s been a partnership. In a world where technology can sometimes be incredibly tricky, Litmus7 has been our trusty map and compass. They are reliable, efficient, and a real asset to our team.”

Jitender Singh Rawat, Head of Technology, Azadea


The complexity of Azadea’s business and technology required a plethora of factors to be considered before initiating the omnichannel transition. To start with, the product catalog of Azadea had over 2 million products. Their country specific payment methods and diverse product recommendations involved multiple monitoring tools and automations. So, after careful thought, Salesforce Commerce Cloud was chosen to be the platform, given its robust features and efficiency in achieving faster time to market. SFCC’s multi-site capability with country specific currencies proved to be of utmost importance and help. The transformation, which involved 8 different sites across 4 different countries, was a huge success.

the right technology partner

Azadea leveraged Litmus7 having heard about its radical impact on enabling omnichannel commerce for brands globally. One of the pioneers in omnichannel commerce when it all began, Litmus7’s experience had been carefully crafted over the years. The skill, acumen and passion that Litmus7 brought to the table deeply resonated with that of Azadea.


Omni Channel Commerce Experience

  • Providing a consistent experience of a customer’s shopping cart and Wishlist, both over the Desktop and native mobile Apps
  • Ensuring the order history and the return processes are in sync with the Desktop and the native mobile Apps
  • Customers can check the real time availability and size of products of various brands from different stores

Enablement of multiple payment methods

  • integration
  • Regional payment gateway integration for multiple GCC countries
  • ApplePay for Apple devices
  • BNPL implementation


  • Custom cartridge developed for analytics marketing platform integration 
  • CMS integration for smart images 
  • All payment integrations

Mobile Commerce

  • OCAPI and Commerce API implementations in mobile applications including various essential analytics integration


  • Personalized banners and promotions

The outcome

  • Visitors’ growth were at an all-time high, achieving a 2.2x growth compared to previous years 
  • AOV increase of 15% YoY 
  • More than 2x online order volume growth YoY 
  • 15% YoY increase in conversion rate 
  • Web footprint doubled from 2nd year of operation
  • Steady increase in mobile app downloads in the last year

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