Amazon’s Performance Analysis: Retail Hive Benchmark -General Merchandise Retailers

Here’s a sneak peek:

  • Given Amazon’s widespread brand awareness, the proportion of traffic formed by the direct channel (60.9%) is still moderate and can further improve.
  • Amazon struggles on lifestyle-driven social media sites like Instagram probably due to its positioning of being an everything store.

This document analyzes Amazon’s digital performance in the recently published Retail Hive benchmark report on the general merchandise market. The evaluation compares Amazon’s results (across digital dimensions) against the cohort median and the best-in-class values, thereby, unraveling the digital strengths and weaknesses of the retailer. The narrative is concluded by a set of recommendations.   

Amazon’s performance is dissected across the following digital dimensions:

  1. Site engagement
  2. Web and mobile site features
  3. Overall site traffic
  4. Direct channel traffic
  5. SEO and SEM
  6. Display ads
  7. E-mail marketing
  8. Social media

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