Inviting Retail Visionaries to the prestigious RetailMasterMinds Group
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Age of RetailSingularity will commence when commerce becomes invisible and omnipresent! It's the age when consumers' digital self makes the decision on their purchases and the products get delivered to their physical twin.
RetailSingularity Visionary Consortium gets to architect the digital future of retail
Elite Group Privileges
Annual global rewards and recognition for contributing to the digital future of retail
Opportunity to get featured in major leadership publications
Invitation for public meetings and gatherings
2 RetailSingularity conferences in a year
Mentor aspiring and ambitious retailers/brands
Full access to Primary research and RS newsletters
Access to global research around technology
Opportunity to contribute towards sustainability initiatives
Access to entrepreneurship club
2 private circle meetings in a year
RetailSingularity Masterminds flagship expedition once a year
Access to major airport lounges around the world
Your Futuristic
Retail Technology Partner
Connect with the retail futurists and know more about the latest innovations from Litmus7, our customers and partners that include some of the biggest names in retail like Sephora, Walmart, Petco and many more.
Future of Retail
Consumer as a service
OneSystem business architecture
HumanDynamic-centric consumer experience design
Technology going invisible
Build your competitive edge
Convert your social media users to paid customers
Promote your Private Label brands at the point of purchase
Replicate family shopping online - People shopping together spend more
ScanFresh - Grocery shopping can never be this easy
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Tech-Equity Program

For the first time ever, an Equity-based Technology Partnership that takes away the yearly tech OPEX and CAPEX burden from retailers.

Litmus7 Ecommerce Acceleration Program (LEAP) is a grow together technology venture capitalist partnership model that enables access to technology at no cost for aspiring and emerging retailers, so that their businesses get fast tracked to the next level and digital revenues are accelerated.