Litmus7 Reimagines the Future of Workplaces – a true bi-directional ‘flatarchy’ organization

San Francisco, CA – DECEMBER 19, 2018

Litmus7 Systems Consulting, a leading retail technology services and consulting company headquartered in San Francisco, California, has been certified as “one of the 50 Best Workplaces in the Indian IT & IT-BPM sector, 2019” by the Great Place To Work institute (GPTW). The Institute’s methodology for assessing workplace culture is objective and rigorous and has been adopted by thousands of organizations globally.

Litmus7’s culture stems from the belief that small is beautiful. As is well-known, a relatively small unit is easier to manage and greatly aids in preserving the culture of deep personal ties and camaraderie. Litmus7 took lessons from this and have organized themselves into several 30-member strong autonomous teams called clubs. So, when a new member joins Litmus7, they are in fact joining a club, a close knit 30-member unit, rather than a large organization. This ensures that even when they grow to tens of thousands of employees, the individual would still experience all the accountability, fun, and rigor just the same. The system is designed for continuous improvement, adapting to the changing preferences of a constantly evolving workforce.

The company’s work culture characterized by democratic ethos and a flat hierarchy is certainly unusual and possibly unique. Every Litmus7 employee has a voice and the power to influence the organization’s governance, thereby contributing to a bi-directional ‘flatarchy’ organization.

Venu Gopalakrishnan, Founder and Global CEO of Litmus7, has an abiding passion – to design an organization that enables everyone within the organization to differentiate and create a brand of their own. The goal is to be the visionary organization that conceptualizes a future which the rest of the world can build on. The firm has identified happiness, credibility, leadership and innovation as the four pillars on which all corporate actions are predicated. Venu, considers these four pillars as critical to self-differentiation. In his words, “It is a matter of great honor and privilege to be featured on the list of the best, surpassing several much larger employers as we build a culture that will shape the future of workplaces.”

Empowerment is central to what Litmus7 aspires to do. Litmus7’s retail innovation ecosystem provides a platform for retail visionaries to design the future of retail where commerce becomes invisible and omnipresent. The point at which this happens marks the beginning of the age of Retail Singularity.

The Litmus7 spirit of upholding unity and integrity at the workplace keeps its flag flying high.

A note on GPTW : More than 600 organizations within India had applied for assessment by GPTW in 2018, making it the largest study in the space of workplace recognition. Globally, GPTW partners with 10,000 plus organizations from over 58 countries for assessment, benchmarking, and planning. This year, out of 160 IT & IT-BPM organizations that were assessed, Litmus7 was ranked among the top 50.

About Litmus7

Litmus7, a 100% retail design niche company established its digital leadership with the world’s leading retailers since 2009. Predictable engineering services and solutions for the future are its core focus areas. Well recognised for its engineering excellence, having implemented large eCommerce initiatives for several top retailers. Litmus7’s deep involvement in transformations has created unique success stories, making it one of the most loved retail engineering companies. With highly skilled retail technologists and domain specialists spread across 5 global locations (US, India, UK, Canada and  UAE), Litmus7’s portfolio includes Digital Experience (UI/UX, Mobility, Augmented/Virtual Reality, Consumer Store), Store, eCommerce, Analytics, Core Retail Marketing, DevOps, Integrations and Microservices.