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Helping retailers get their ecommerce platform and ecosystem right

  • To give you just one representative example - we stabilized a digital commerce platform from a zombie state to a stage where the platform does $1 billion a year currently.

Knitting an integrated user experience across channels

  • Million users don't shop in million different ways. They shop probably in 10 different ways. So, we define a finite set of personas and work on understanding each persona's user journey. Mapping each persona's customer journey across various channels is critical to achieving a pleasant and seamless cross channel experience. We specialize in defining a customer experience that makes the brand stand out in a crowded market.

Modernizing the Digital Commerce Platform

  • We have seen enormous leakage of effort in this area purely due to unawareness of product capability, and unwarranted limitations caused by erroneously architected platforms and data architecting skills. We have migrated many systems in record time with zero downtime.

Managing technology every day may look simple, but it isn't really!

  • Industry usually sees support as a low-end job, down the pecking order, and with few upsides. However, in reality, it's just the opposite. Downtime and performance degradation cost money. Every dollar in revenue counts, so the attitude and skill levels of the support personnel matter. Vast experience and exposure in managing as well as supporting day to day technology operations for multiple billion-dollar digital commerce platforms has been one of the primary reasons why Litmus7 has not lost a single client since inception.

Keeping doors open while still being safe

  • On a digital platform the traffic can be from many sources including genuine users, bots, fraudsters and hackers. It's important to understand the traffic and have necessary filters and layers in place so that genuine users can shop safely at all times.

Mobile Commerce

Mobile commerce strategy

  • Defining and implementing mobile strategy for retailers enabling anytime, anywhere personalized access and shopping facilities using native apps as well as responsive design web apps.

In store targeting and messaging

  • Targeting customers with relevant deals and promotions via store messaging capabilities in native apps, leveraging capabilities like beacons, geo-fencing etc.

In store navigation

  • Mobile assisted way-finding capabilities for in-store navigation and locating products.

Providing guidance to customers to choose the right products

  • Implementation of strategies such as virtual artist, allowing customers to try different products, and assist customers through the product selection journey.

Middleware/API Gateways

Architecting ESB, especially on micro service architecture scenarios

  • Extremely critical enterprise architectural component for any business! This is where a retailer should invest their best brains to design - factoring in all performance, security, agility and data loss prevention aspects.

Prevention of message loss and spike management

  • Enterprise Service Bus stabilizing and scaling to handle spikes in messages, and ensuring no unplanned outages.

Business partner integration using various data exchange mechanisms

  • In the present day it is essential that customers have API centric application ecosystem which is secure, agile, channel aware, single view and performance conscious.

Service Design, UI and UX

User Experience Assessment & Analysis

  • Service design focuses on the creation of a complete service, build through an innovative and structured design of systems and processes. Service Design is an emerging field focused on the creation of well thought through experiences using a combination of intangible and tangible mediums. It transcends UX and goes into the realm of product design.
  • Adding feature after feature won't make a brand successful. Knowing what makes a retailer's consumer come back and shop, and designing experience around it makes one's brand stand out as well as increase customer stickiness.
  • Cross channel customer journey mapping and design.
  • Storyboarding, Wireframes, User Experience, UI Ideation/Prototyping and User Interface design.
  • Web and Mobile Usage Analytics.

Chatbots Design and Integration

  • We build chatbots and design the conversational commerce flow taking into account the current limitations of the technology, tightly defining the use case, and after conducting an in-depth study of the customer journey

Designing UX to leverage AI

  • UX/UI that adapts to a user in accordance with their browsing/shopping patterns to be more relevant and to drive call-to-action speed quicker during the shopping journey.


Automate what cannot be fixed.

  • Delivering CI/CD automation for agile and faster software delivery.
  • Automated Platform Monitoring including applications, logs and infrastructure.
  • Proactive system check using robo-check. Automate scripts that can warn the system of any symptoms of failure.

Microservice enablement via containerization and auto scaling.

Configuration Management, Service Virtualization and Infrastructure Virtualization.

Cloud Infrastructure Management including AWS, GCP and Private Clouds.

Communication & Collaboration tool configuration and rollout.

Performance Engineering

Performance is not limited to measuring page views and transaction times. In digital commerce, capturing order is the first step. But if backend systems are not agile enough or performance conscious, customer credibility will be lost. Performance engineering needs to be taught holistically across the landscape and not just in one area.

Peak periods cannot go wrong.

  • Understanding the nature of peak period, planning for the period by repeated testing, aligning partners and team for the period and with necessary risk mitigation and plans in strategy.

Holiday Run Book: Holiday Readiness and Peak Season IT Operations Management for various retailers generating billion dollar+ online revenues.

Promotional Event Readiness for various retailers.

Content Optimization, SEO, Application & Infrastructure Tuning, Enhanced Platform Monitoring and Log Analysis, 3rd Party Vendor Coordination, War Rooms for Hypercare.

Web Content Management

Thinking for Business making their life simpler as well as keeping the end consumers in consideration

Channel agnostic content strategy

  • Implementing channel agnostic multi-channel content management systems.

Design what is not there

  • Bespoke content management system implementation addressing unique content management use case scenarios.

Modernizing Content Management

  • Migrations from legacy WCM implementations to state of the art WCM platforms.

Simplifying Content Preparation

  • Templating and Workflow Instrumentation for complex content acquisition, curation and management.

Retail and Store systems engineering

Implementing and Integrating multiple OMS / WMS / IMS for various direct to customer ordering channels.

Inventory solutions covering areas like Assortment Planning, Demand Forecasting, Inventory Planning/Optimization etc.

  • Extensive Oracle MICROS implementation experience. Expertise includes migrating from older to newer version and rolling out globally, as well as 24X7X365 maintenance.

Quality Engineering

Can a QA specialist test architecture vulnerability? Assuring capabilities to this point and more is expected from this service.

  • Test automation for large digital commerce platforms covering areas like Regression Test, Web/Mobile Test Automation
  • Performance Testing and Engineering services for highly scalable complex digital commerce platforms ensuring uninterrupted, predictable application and platform performance
  • Service Virtualization for 3rd party and enterprise systems dependence for a test driven development approach
  • Adopting Software Development Engineer in Test (SDET) philosophy for multiple large test engagements

Retail Strategy and Consulting

Omni Channel Commerce Strategy

  • Define future shopping journeys, chart to-be digital ecosystems, retail operations optimization, innovation-led implementation roadmaps, investments, ROI's and KPI's.

Retail Digital Transformation

  • Evaluate existing enterprise technology landscape, reimagine IT architecture, process and organizations, define technology capabilities and roadmaps which can accommodate future needs.

Personalized Customer Experience Management

  • Deliver personally relevant shopping experiences across channels using intelligent data analytics.

Brick and Mortar

Multi Country 400 plus PoS rollout

  • One of our projects involved rollout and stabilization of the Point of Sale solution across 400+ stores in many geographies overcoming various failed scenarios for both hardware and software components. This facilitated reducing checkout times and other inconveniences faced by customers and store associates.

Simplifying PoS

    Get more out of your constraints
  • Enabled the retailer to use the mobile Point of Sale so that the fixed Point of Sale real estate can be used for selling more products.
  • Motivating customers to visit the shop by providing queue less checkout.
  • Store and Online represent one brand
  • Allowing store associates to place orders for items that customers could not find in store, ensuring increased conversion and mitigating revenue loss too.
  • We have built capabilities in providing 360 view of the retailer to the customer irrespective of the channel used by the customer.

Importance of compliances

  • Building compliance requirements like Song Beverly Act into the PoS solution enabling compliance while customers are signing up for loyalty program post their transactions.