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Translating Culture
into Action

at all times!

Being unconventional at all times is the norm here! The kick is not in traversing a different path but in bringing the world to walk that path; to be tackling challenges head on and leading the way for others to follow. Young and agile, intelligent but humble, vibrant with a mission and passion to lead is the strength of this company. Like a nation more of youngsters rising to the forefront of development and economic growth, this youthful organisation with its dynamic minds is readying to redefine the future of retailing.

The culture of an organisation is being fearless and upfront in interpreting the changes of the world. Channelling our thoughts and actions to align with Retail Singularity forms the crux of our culture. Happiness, Credibility, Leadership and Entrepreneurial Journey make up the four solid pillars that strengthens this foundation and holds it together.


A well defined culture transforms the way we deliver services to the industry and helps each Litmus7’ite to identify themselves with customer’s organization. The One Dollar business methodology reflects the effort to develop this organizational behaviour; which is to build forward looking, next generation retail engineers and consultants who are constantly exploring as to how to add one dollar to the revenue of a retailer they are supporting.


Every enterprising engineer working here is amply supported to chase their dreams. By providing a suitable platform to structure their thoughts, nurture and implement ideas that can become a business by itself, each one of our consultants are motivated to become a brand by themselves. We help create these individual brands to drive the customer organisation towards singularity in retail. It’s this cultural change that we have devised and successfully implemented in Litmus7 that is going to distinguish the futuristic professionals in the retail sector.