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The future of retail: from omnichannel to singularity

Our mission is to be a trusted partnerto retailers as the industry moves from omnichannel to AI and IOT-driven, all-pervasive, invisible commerce

  • Digital Revenue Accelerator
  • $1 Strategy:

    Every Litmus7 developer is incented to bring up ideas that generate value for the retailer. We have a robust system for identifying, vetting, selling, and tracking the lifecycle of every such idea. We call it the $1 strategy

  • Retail Experience Centre

    These are ideation facilities, where retail executives can brainstorm ideas, moderated by design thinking professionals and retail industry experts

  • Idea Generation

    We have introduced a whole host of policy measures and incentives to build a culture geared towards idea generation

  • Entrepreneurial Programs

    We solicit and fund ideas, especially those that are aligned with our vision of the future of retail. In addition, we have a software product development division in Tel Aviv, Israel

  • Idea Bouncing Board

    We make consultants with deep industry expertise available to clients to bounce off ideas on retail tech, business processes, and new business models

  • Technology Convergence

    AI, machine learning, and blockchain pose both a disruptive threat and present an opportunity. We build thought leadership on use cases and best practices that retailers can tap

  • Retail Experience Centre

    These are ideation facilities, where retail executives can brainstorm ideas, moderated by design thinking professionals and retail industry experts

  • Retail Singularity
  • Innovation

    We study technology that is likely to impact retail in a three to five-year timeframe. This is to help retailers build their long-term roadmaps.

  • Retail movers and shakers

    We run a panel of external experts and community of who could guide retailers as they think through their roadmap

  • Technology Convergence

    We study how the confluence of technologies such as AI, ML, and blockchain could change the fundamental underpinnings of retail. Technology convergence research goes beyond the specific impact of (say) AR or VR, and explores how the combine would change the industry.

  • Researchers

    we employ full-time researchers to chart the progress of and the impact of technologies that will profoundly affect retailers. Our researchers bring together consumer, industry, and tech adoption trend lines and data points.

  • User Community Engagement

    We conduct research on the level of traction an emerging idea or technology has had among retail consumers, and make reasonable estimates of its progress and future adoption.

  • Subject Matter Experts

    We bring together a wide variety of experts, including veteran retail consultants, industry analysts, and hands-on technologists with startup ecommerce experience to evaluate possible emerging-tech use cases

"Ideas that could impact the retailers topline and bottom-line in the short term"

"ideas that aid the journey to the future of retail"

Digital Revenue Acceleration

Retailers need guidance on new revenue streams such as subscription services, optimizing web and mobile properties to get the most out of every interaction, moving from persona-based customization to one-to-one personalization, and on leveraging AI and machine learning better. We bring to the fore ideas and build PoCs that bolster retailers' ecommerce offerings, and improve process efficiency.

Retail Singularity Studio

Retail singularity is a point in the future where the fundamentals of retail will cease to hold. We think that point will be in 2027. By that time retailers will have customer profiles so rich that needs will be anticipated. Home automation and AI will reach a state of sophistication and consumer acceptance that for many categories orders would be entrusted to algorithms. Not every retailer will live to see it. The singularity studio, through a combination of full-time researchers, consumer surveys, PoCs, an ideation facility, and a panel of experts aims to aid the journey to retail singularity.