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3 Conclusive Benefits of Responsive E-commerce Design

Online shopping experience has transformed to a new level in the last few years. An average shopper’s expectation is to have a fast, consistent and a high quality shopping experience regardless of the digital device she uses; be it a computer, tablet, smartphone or watch.

Today’s online stores strive to meet this challenge in the best possible ways they could. However, the advent of new digital devices in different sizes and shapes adds to their dilemma.

Responsive ecommerce design comes in handy to effectively manage such challenges. Below are 3 irrefutable benefits that online stores can achieve investing in a responsive website.

SEO Enhancement

None of us would have a question on Google’s supremacy over other search engines available in the market today. Effective April 21, 2015, Google announced its ranking algorithm change by adding mobile-friendliness as a ranking factor for websites. The algorithm change significantly impacts the search results, providing more relevant data to the users.

A non-mobile-friendly website, now, may never appear or may appear in the trailing pages of the search results, which users would not even see. Responsive designed websites could be the answer of online merchants to overcome this mandatory change and improve their SEO.

Avoid Redundancy

Employees are the most valuable resources of an organization and it is unreasonable to invest their time and energy in rework and managing redundancy. In today’s digital world, a website without responsive design means maintaining two versions of the same website; one for desktop and one for mobile.

Needless to say, one can imagine the complexity of maintaining different versions of the code, updating offers and promotions in both sites, and what not. There is also an inherent risk of updating a wrong version in either of the websites which leads to inconsistency and confusion among users.

With responsive design, online merchants can eliminate rework and duplicity by maintaining a single version of the website that caters to all the digital devices.

Happy Customers

An online shopper’s expectation is to have a seamless shopping experience throughout the buying process; she may research the product on one device and buy it on another one, anytime anywhere.

Online stores stands the possibility of losing valuable customers, if the website is unable to efficiently handle this need. Various other critical factors like the page loading speed, image display size, touch enablement, etc. also needs to be addressed, which otherwise could cause customer dissatisfaction.

Responsive ecommerce design enables merchants to effectively address all of these factors, leading to customer happiness and credibility.

To keep it short, I could not cover many other benefits of responsive web design. I would love to hear the views and opinion of the generous readers of the post. Thank you.

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