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Retail is an exceedingly dynamic industry where winners are sorted from the rest with alarming regularity. The industry has always sat at the confluence of a whole host of change vectors, including the vagaries of consumer preference, the tech ecosystem, urban development, regulation, and globalization. In addition, no other industry - with the possible exception of media - is as threatened by digital disruption.To serve an industry of this nature, the traditional assembly line approach to running a tech services firm cannot work. What is needed is craftsmanship, customer obsession, and a holistic understanding of the broader tech and business ecosystem in which technical work happens. That is why we hire our software developers with great care and work hard to give them the kind of environment that fosters creativity. First, we recruit seasoned engineers. The average Litmus7 developer has been in the industry for eight years, compared to the our much larger competitors' four. Also, we believe in the full-stack developer, not the narrowly-focused platform specialist. Third, we work hard to build a culture that allows employees to explore and straddle multiple disciplines. Lastly, every software engineer at Litmus7 is incented to contribute ideas that generate tangible value for the client.We believe all of the above have led to zero client attrition over our lifetime and an employee attrition rate of 5%.

Our Vision

To live in the
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We aim to reduce the gap between the seat of production and seat of consumption. Our vision is to be the tip of the spear as retail enters the age of omnichannel, artificial intelligence, and IOT.

"During the gold rush it's a good time to be in the pick and shovel business" - Mark Twain