About Us | Litmus7

We're busy
building an
with emotion

A company envisaged and designed to radically revamp the more than three decades old conventional retail technology practices. Using newfound and progressive ways of sculpting partnerships. Daringly different, both clients and the team are treated uniquely here. To bring out the best in both sides. We’re busy building an organization with emotion. And every little thing designed is around relationships with its people and clients. Litmus7 is all about creating a brand identity for each person in this company. Molding people to create ideas that can translate into parallel business models. The Dollar One strategy is an attempt to drive those who work as consultants to become digital futurists and transform conventional technology engineers into enterprising futuristic engineers. Dedication to foster business emotions and build lasting relationships that enable clients to grow exponentially forms the core of the company. The focus is on thinking, talking and implementing ideas that defines the future of retailing a step ahead of the world. We design how the future of retailing is to be when the world is accelerating through newer technological inventions and innovations. Life simplified, is the essence of our approach and business strategy.

Our Vision

To live in the
heart of every
retailer worldwide

by reducing the distance between the process of buying and selling. Our vision is aligned to define the future of Retail in the age of singularity. We will deliver the future for you by bringing singularity that merges humanity and technology.

" The one who survives is the one who is most responsive and fearless to change. "